Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Star Wars Republic Commando Demo (Completed)

I am not convinced by the demo. Although the game presents different attack strategies, the environments are so tight, and most engagements so short that it doesn't lend enough gameplay for me to feel as if I command the action. Instead it feels like the game suffers from tunnel vision, only showing you the way forwards and offering no-other possibilities. Not even in the imaginative form of eye-candy. I see a wall on the left, a wall on the right, a locked door behind me and a staircases full of bad-guys in front.

Squad mates are intelligent, shame the enemy isn't too.

Weapons are good, but you can only carry three (ye its more realistic, but in the heat of battle I always end-up fighting with my weapon selection buttons).

Story element could be interesting, but the gameplay seems very linear.