Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Star Wars Knights Of The Old Republic 2

I have started playing kotor2 and the game's start is much better than any part of the first game. So it started out on a high, but that is all. Talking to Jedi pisses me off because you can't persuade them to do anything and their stupid speeches take hours, and that is annoying if you want to exit the game and do something else (Me - PC - Gamer, - Koorb - Saves - When - Koorb - Wants), but I get stuck in speech loops!

I have noticed a lot of glaringly obvious bugs in the game, like infinite darkside points when you talk to the Handmaiden who asks you about feeling the force. And other things like doors you shouldn't be able to open, but you can by hitting them, or patthing points that you become slightly stuck on. I am only 20% through the game and it is already getting on my nerves and completely ruining anykind of immersive feeling I could possibly have form this game.
I think the statement "Lucas Arts used to make great games" serves my point.