Monday, February 21, 2005

New Speakers

After just over a year of perfect operation, my Creative speakers died yesterday. So now I am looking for a new 2.1 set, but its not easy. Most of the reviews are very vague or I don't understand the speaker specifications. The customer reviews are few and waver dramatically from loving them after two hours of use, to hating them because of some odd reason about mid-range sound or something. I am a little hesitant to get another Creative set because I consider a one year operating lifetime to be a little short, but at the moment they are my best option.

I am going into Leicester friday for coffee with a friend, so I will probably browse the shops then. The thing that irritates me more than anything about all this is that the manufacturer descriptions for the top of the range models and the cheap nasty ones, all read the same, from stylish design to their descriptions of the sound quality. I just want a pair of great sounding speakers that I like, just like my old set before they died.