Saturday, February 26, 2005

Backup Solution

Disaster recovery is one of the most important things with system security because without it, your protection is like an eggshell. It is one-thing to prevent a disaster by having a powerful anti-virus, firewall and even drive maintenance tools, but if something happens and all your data is lost then all that expensive security isn't going to get your files back, but if you have a disaster recovery solution like a ZIP dive or backup tapes, or CDs you have made of all your important files, then it usually doesn't take long for you to quickly get back to where you want to be.

XP once deleted an entire hard drive of all my important stuff. I even have a nice picture I took with my digital camera at the time, with XP deleting everything. I think what happened is that both file tables on the NTFS drive where damaged, and XP just removed what it seen as damaged data. Unfortunately I wasn't skilled in the ways of data retrieval at the time and I was panicking, so I did end-up loosing everything. And since then it has bothered my that I haven't had somekind of dedicated backup system.

I haven't had one because they are all too expensive and I couldn't be bothered burning all my data to CD every week. I have said it before and i will say it again, burning a CD is an EVENT and not a very convenient way to store data. I generally use USB flash drives and Floppy disks for important stuff, but I am always using my flash drives and floppy disks don't store much data so I basically haven't had any recent backups of anything for quite a while.

Today however I signed upto XDrive an online backup solution. They run a secure internet based file storage system. It's the cheapest one I can find and although I have tried and rejected it before I really do need someway of backing up my files. They give you 5GB for £5 a month and really considering how disastrous a hard drive failure would be at the moment, this is a bargain.

I have been trying to get their client interface to work all day and all I can muster is this (see below) error.

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A lot of people tell me that I never seem to have any problems with my computer and that is partly true, but that is only because when I get an error (like this) I get it fixed. So an email has been sent with this screencapture, logfile and details about my system and what I did, to their customer service team. If this isn't fixed by the end of the week. I will give iDrive a go, but whatever happens I have to get somekind of convenient backup solution. Otherwise next time it happens I will be more devastated than last time.