Thursday, January 27, 2005

Darwinia News

We are aware that a lot of people have been very confused by the demo of Darwinia, with no clear idea of what they're supposed to be doing.
THAT is what happens when you don't include an introduction or documentation of any kind.
We have to admit to being slightly suprised by this, but we've obviously misjudged the amount of help that games players need.
THAT is what happens when you don't do observational playtesting.
We are working on a new demo that will include a detailed tutorial that explains the concepts of Darwinia.
YAY! I mean I managed to compleat the demo, but I still don't understand how anybody could enjoy a game where the levels are so easy.
In the mean time, we've uploaded some basic help of our own which you can read Here.
So that's what was going on!
WOW, so I am like an Anti Virus, cool!