Friday, January 21, 2005

Darwinia Demo

Indie games are games developed by independent developers with no publisher investment. These are real basement and garage developers, developing out of their own time and money. As large developers struggle with the growing cost of development, more and more indie developers appear, taking advantage of easier development environments, coding practises and more user-friendly code resources.

Intraversion is one of the better known indie developers because of their first title Uplink, where players become contract hackers on a virtual internet. The game has been praised for being the best hacker sim made to date and it really is.

Anyway I digress Darwinia is their second title. It is at it's core a strategy game set inside a world that has been infected by a virus. It is your job to cleanse the world of that virus.
The gameplay is too different to give a short description or comparison, but it uses a mouse gesture system and requires the player to produce vulnerable units and move them safely to mission critical areas.

I have completed all the objectives on the first level, but the only problem I have with the game is that I have no idea how to move to the second level.

If you want to give eXeem a go Here (darwinia-demo.exe) is a link.