Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Counter Strike Bots (This Is Not A News Echo)

The auto-update is available now and when they say they Have Improved The Bots, they aren't kidding.

The bots communicate what they know and what they are doing. So when a bomb has been planted one of your bots might tell you where it is. They say when they are going to camp specific spots and it's just a shame I can't talk back.

They group-up for different objectives which is cool. And they also get mowed down in groups too (just like a real game). I have only played Aztec, but then I always play Aztec, so it was the perfect map to try them out on, and they really do play like real players, minus some of the sharp shooting, but then I was playing with them on easy (extra long sentence).

As far as free updates go, this is excellent because I hate playing CS online (kiddies and cheats abound).