Sunday, January 16, 2005

1984 (The Film)

Slow pace, weak plot, no conscionable character development and so I have absolutely no idea why the film has been praised and referenced so much. Even my old driving instructor said it was his favourite book, but the film is just uninteresting.

Here are a few things that have been referenced in modern day culture from the book:
  • That old advert for Apple computers where the runner runs through a room full of drowns and throws a hammer at a big screen.
  • The program Room 101 and all the books like Visual Basic 101.
  • The whole Big Brother is watching you thing.
It's all referencing the film and I can't even begin to understand why because there is nothing in the film that even gave me the slightest hint of an apifany (a realisation to whoever is having one) and I don't even know what Orwell was trying to say.

The only thing I picked up was that in The Book Of Goldstein that the rebells where trying to spread (it was their forbidden bible), talks about how BB (or whoever) instigates fear amongst the party (the population) in-order to keep everybody working and following orders and accepting all that is told to them, because it is also said that what is happening is for the greater good. So they just accept it blindly.

Quite frankly this is what America has been doing for years.
With America, wither it's communism or as it is now terrorism, the governing party of America can easily pass whatever laws they want without anybody questioning them, because when it's in the name of national security nobody questions.

Like that thing about in-porting cheaper drugs from Canada. At the moment the drug manufacturers in America have a monopoly and can charge what they want for drugs. This makes America richer because it's a closed market and it redistributes funds from US citizens directly to US industry. This is significant because America also exports drugs. So the drug market only makes America stronger as they never buy external products and all external companies are forced to move to the US to trade in the US. The official line about why it's illegal to import drugs is that the imported drugs might not be safe!!!
Aspirin from India or China is still Aspirin, but people don't question this because they are afraid of 'dangerous drugs'.

I could easily go into why America is not run by the American people, but I don't get 1948 and I want someone tell me why it is so acclaimed.