Wednesday, December 15, 2004

StarCraft Analysed

I have a multiplayer match with the guys Friday and one of the games on the list is StarCraft. It has been years since I last played it so I thought it would be a good idea to get some practise in and get some tactics developed.

StarCraft essentially suffers from the same problems of all strategy games. And the key to victory in StarCraft and most strategy games goes like this:
-Spend the first load of resources you have on workers to get more resources.
-Build multiple barracks to start mass producing basic units.
-Once you have enough units send them over quickly to kill your opponent.

The basic unit on most strategy games is always half good because if some of the advanced units where too good then people would moan about the game being unbalanced. So mass production of some of the basic units is usually more worth while than going down a lengthy research tree.

And of course, if you have more units of a similar type than your opponent then you will win, so obviously spending the first few moments of a game getting a good resource gathering operation in is vital for victory.