Thursday, December 30, 2004

The Future Of P2P

MPAA (the movie association of America) has been asking websites to stop distributing Torrent files. So that's why loads of Torrent sites have been shutting down their operations recently, but LokiTorrent is standing it ground and not stopping distribution of torrent files liked to films copyrighted by MPAA members.

Now currently these websites aren't directly illegal because they don't host any of the illegal copyrighted material or even touch them. And neither does the trackers that connects people with the material, but if this goes to caught and a judge rules that because the torrent file's only purpose is to illegally distribute a specific copyright infringing file, then it is just as illegal as distributing the material itself. Then all the sites will be shut down or forced to stop distributing films, but if the judge says that the torrent sites aren't illegal, because they don't touch any of the illegal content, and it is the users that post this stuff that are breaking the law and not the websites, then all the sites will be saved.

Either-way Loki is asking for support in the form of money, and anyway the development of Supernova's new secret project continues, so we will see.
Incidentally Supernova has an announcement at 9AM (GMT) on Supernova Radio, but their server seems to be down. No idea what it is, but I expect it might be related to their super secret project or the MPAA.