Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Completed (Tribes Vengeance)

Tribes Vengeance is set in the distant future after the whole Earthsiege thing where a computer mind named Prometheus almost let a race of machines called Cybrids to victory over his human creators, but the humans escaped into deep space and that's where Tribes takes-over.

The story is about an imperial force, a lost princess and two groups of Tribes. I don't want to say anything more because that would spoil the plot, but the story starts out a lot better than it ends. The story does a good job considering, because it flicks from past to present between chapters, and that's not an easy thing to pull off in a good story. The end is a little abrupt and none-continuing by not giving you a perspective on how things will continue after the story end. And it doesn't even tell you the state of the galaxy before the story began so there is room for improvement there. That set aside, its not a bad game, not a great game, but the weapon selection is very nice, characters are done ok (with excellent voice acting), but I wish the game had just been taken the story that little bit further.

Something I thought early in the game is that this singleplayer story segment, would have worked wonders in UT2004.