Thursday, December 30, 2004

Artificial Intelligence (The Film)

Just finished watching AI again on TV and I still think the film is a masterpiece, but at the time the critics where a little harsh and a lot of people moaned about the aliens at the end (the later versions of Mecha at the end), and this pissed me off emencly because I couldn't see why they where being so harsh.

Well three years have passed and after sifting through a few IMDB User Reviews it seems like I have finally realised what people didn't like about it.

It goes something like this:
Blue Fairy, make me a REAL boy!

Basically people though that this one aspect of the film just ran a little bit long in the tooth.
For gods sake we get it already!

Personally I didn't see it when I watched it at the cinema or just now when I watched it again on TV, but I see their point now. Maybe Steven Spielberg went too far with his usual hart-string pulling, but I still think its a masterpiece.