Friday, November 26, 2004

New Mobile

I have finally replaced My Old S35 (left) with a Sony Ericsson T610 (right).

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Not actual size. Old one actually only a little bigger.

I have tried to replace my S35 before, but I wanted to replace it with one that had a colour screen, camera and was under £100, but the problem was all that the phones previously that met this criteria had always had big flaws. Like, stiff keys, crap screen, known technical problems or even very a slow interface.

Then two days ago I noticed that I could get the T610 for £89, so now I have one!
And I have to say it's very good. I mean it's an older model that has fallen in price, but the interface is nice, the texting is easy and best of all, it has all those little features that makes a great product, like being able to add words to the internal T9 dictionary, and an auto-keypad-lock so I don't have to keep doing that manually (not big features I know).

Plus it has a few new features that I haven't had before and now I understand what those marketing people are talking about when they talk about, selling products that customers don't know they want.
In my case it's the built in bluetooth. Apart from being able to play multiplayer with it. I can use it to backup my address book, send pictures & sounds I have recorded to other phones with bluetooth, and that's great because it makes the pictures & sounds I store a shared experience. Plus I can now send cock-pics to everyone in a 10m radios without them knowing who sent them.Image Hosted by

So very happy with my new phone. The camera is equivalent to a very basic webcam, the screen could probably have more colours, the battery could probably last longer, more memory would be nice (it only has 2MB) and it only supports medium sized Java games, but those are just general issues you could probably say about most phones.