Saturday, November 20, 2004

Half Life 2 Recap

Maybe I was being A Bit Harsh Yesterday. That might be because I have work on and I needed to complete it as fast as possible. It's a good game, just doesn't feel like the sequel to Half Life or even Opposing forces or Blue Shift. That is because the gameplay is completely different and frankly I got bored with the street fighting.

Time to completion, about 11 hours.
Review score. 3/5
Best weapon, the upgraded Zero Point thingy.

Final Thoughts
The original had a nice slow paced style of gameplay with obstacles to get around, enemies to defeat, interesting puzzles (of death) to solve and a story that threw in a few surprises, but with the origenal you where allowed to play it at your own pace. HL2 is a Rally Car race to the finishing line and that doesn't make it a bad game, but the gameplay is completely contrary to that of the first and it's the kind of gameplay I don't like in FPSs because it's almost impossible to stop and smell the roses. From the pushy nature of the characters, to the infinite ammo, ammo crates it's all very geared to pushing you along quickly.