Wednesday, November 17, 2004

America Is No Better Than A Playground Bully (Battle Royal 2)

Just finished watching Battle Royal 2 and the film is good although it does suffer from some pacing issues towards the end.

One of the interesting things about the film is that it is incredibly relevant the current political state in the world.

It basically compares America to an adult and all other nations as children. If one of the children falls out of line and does something the adult doesn't like, then the child gets punished.
The point the film makes about this situation is that if any of the children says NO, then America will destroy that child, but the irony is that the Adult is the only one that can't say NO. And so is the only one that doesn't have freedom because it is the adult and once you become an adult you can't become a child again.

What America is doing to the world isn't Justice. They cry terrorist, but the terrorists don't pose much of a threat. They might be able to kill a few thousand people here and there, but that is all.
One of the things the UK government has always said when faced with the threat of the IRA is that, whatever happens, go about your normal business.
Now if you look at what America is doing, by declaring war on countries to protect itself you might see a superpower trying to protect itself, but I see a country desperate for a cause to exist. I see a country that is looking for a purpose to exist. And one that is willing to declare war. An act that is so reckless that is kills more people in the crossfire than the sum of that, which is actually fighting it (also note that this isn't a war between nations, but a war between politicians).

Today I read about Colin Powell stepping down. And I read about how America will now take a tougher stance against terror. What is that supposed to mean!? Are they going to use nukes now!? Or are they going to declare war on more countries!?

North Korea will be next, but where does it end?