Friday, September 24, 2004

Signed Up

So I went along to uni today with Adds (Adam) to see what societies or clubs we could join. Chris didn't come because he had already gone home for the weekend. He will regret that decision early next week because both me and Adds signed up to the Rock Society (Chris's thing). Not sure if I will bother actually going to anything because they basically just go to clubs that play very loud music and mosh.

Not sure if moshing is my thing, but I am not going on my own, and Adds says no. So that's probably a no go. I feel Chris has really missed out on signing up for something he would love, and meet people who share interest (hasn't been socialising much, and that's odd because he works in a bar).

Adds also signed upto Tennis and I signed upto the LGB Society which is another clubbing thing, but it will be a lot of fun because LGBT people are always dead friendly, so I am sure I will make some new friends.

There was loads of other stuff you could sign-up for like Badminton, Diving, Rock-climbing, Games Society (Warhammer 40K stuff), American Football and loads more, including Taekwondo which I am kind of wondering if I should have signed-up for because I have always wanted to learn a martial-art, but I should meet plenty of people in the LGB society anyway so I am happy either way.