Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Full Spectrum Demo

I have to say This Demo made me very angry. See I am listening to the tutorial guy (the tutorial is most of the demo) and the guy is very quiet. He must have worked in a library before being promoted to training guy, because he is so very quiet.

Immediately after completing a training action like set a fire zone. The training guy starts yabbering away about the next training instruction as you would expect, but my Richeous Warriors Of Freedom (yes I am being sarcastic) keep talking over him with with classics like:

Starting to piss me off!


That's what I' am talking about.

So although I have completed training. I have missed probably a third of the audio.

The game itself is very linear. It might base itself on military tactics, but all you do is move from one corner to another, use covering fire, and shoot people. There isn't anything interesting. And after you have played a mission once it becomes very easy second time round. So you could say it's very much like a watered down version of Commandos, but with more yelling. Hooah!