Saturday, September 04, 2004

An Enlightening Day

Today I learned something that has eluded me, ordered something that I have wanted, and later will watch something that I have both wanted and that has eluded me, at the same time.

  • For the past three years I have been trying to grasp what inheritance is in programming. This seems silly to me now, but nobody ever sat me down and explained it to me bluntly. And everytime I asked I would always get some garbelled answer with the word 'constructor' in there somewhere, but actually just in the last fifteen minuets I got it! And if somebody had just said, "Modules that you can store and duplicate under different names in memory", I would have understood. Instead I have spent the last three years avoiding inheritance, because it was always such a headache everytime somebody brought it up. And now I can actually see the advantage, and even easy-use for such a thing.
    It took you 17 chapters to get there, but thank you my Microsoft Press Book!

  • I was reading a newsgroup Post with someone asking if their local broadband supplier was charging too much. And in an attempt to answer their question I went to Wanadoo's pricing page and realised that all their packages said 1Mps!!!
    Now apart from currently being on a 512Kps package and paying the same price as the top end 1Mps. I didn't realise there had been a package change because I don't receive my Wanadoo newsletters, because frankly I have enough addresses to check as it is, but after a quick phone conversation it turns out that for a £20 administrative fee and a new 12 month contract I can be upgraded.
    So my broadband it now getting upgraded from 512Kps to 1Mps.
    I haven't agreed to a new 12 month contract, but they are connecting me anyway. \(^o^)/

  • Since I was in High-school I have had this mission to watch every Sci-Fi film ever made. Considering Hollywood doesn't like Sci-Fi that's made this an easier job, but there has been a film that has eluded me for years, Battlefield Earth. The trailer looked amazing at the time and I missed it at the cinema, but since it's apparently such a bad film that didn't bother me because I thought, I could would rent it later. Anyway several hundred films later I find-out that the film is based on a Bestselling Book and that the author was actually the guy that founded the Scientologists! Who are a modern religion, much like the Jehovah's Witnesses in that as a member you have-to sign over all your money and possessions when they join. And if you have ever watched that episode of the Simpson's where the family joins a cult. Well that's a reference to Scientology.
    The founder L Ron Hubbard has also written books on Dianetics and Brainwashing (you can read a copy Here and Kenneth Goff is his real name). Anyway I digress, because of this history behind the writer, and his best seller, this placed the film high on my list of films to watch, but I haven't been able to see it. The film was so bad I can't get a copy (just like you won't be able to get Starship Troopers 2 in a bit).
    Well it's on TONIGHT!