Saturday, September 25, 2004


I would just like to point-out that even though I can't stand Star Wars Battlefront it will still sell by the bucket-load because appart from being Battlefield 1942 with a Star Wars themed mod the game gives the illusion of open-ended sandbox gameplay, but there is no way for the player to play the game in any different style than what's expected. As a gamer you won't be surprised by any of the games contents or events while playing and you certainly won't have any memmorable moments to tell the folks about.

It's just pants, face it.

Now if they had a single story driven campaign, with some story related mission objectives, and maybe some indoor maps. THAT would have made it double the game it is now.
And if they just went a little further and implemented a squad AI and allowed the player to issue objective orders, even to just a couple of other units and had all the others as they are now. I would be still playing it.