Thursday, September 02, 2004

BBC Iraq Documentry

So I was watching this one hour and half documentary and I occurred to me that the Americans are doing nothing to win over the people and the people are just getting angry. At one-point Sean (the guy filming) showed some of the reconstruction work going on in Iraq. This consisted is only security walls and blockages. He explained that all the water and electrical services had just degraded and broken because the American forces are just concerned with rooting-out terrorists.

Frankly I find the idiocy of the Americans strategy appalling. They had secured the country in the name of freedom and instead of then concentrating on infrastructure and returning the country to a productive environment for the people of Iraq, they just spend all their time raiding houses and trying to maintain an occupation that nobody wants. And the amazing thing is that even after loosing occupation of several cities to the rebellion, they refuse to change strategy. And so they just keep loosing ground in a war that should have been won already.