Friday, August 27, 2004

World Of Warcraft Fileplanet Stress Test

I was going to do a post saying why I wasn't going to bother with the test, but then I found-out it was only for North American residents and Canada. "Arg!" I thought, and after some research (reading the FAQ) I found.

Why is this stress test only for North America?
Due to multiple time zone and language differences, we have decided to limit the stress test participants to the United States and Canada.

So I sent Fileplanet some feedback.
The reasoning behind excluding other English countries (i.e. England) from the World Or Warcraft stress test because of a language barrier is ludicrously pathetic. And the reasoning behind the time zoning is also just as pathetic, because the US is a time zone split country.

If the reasoning for the exclusivity was because of network performance and ping times you should have said that, rather that giving pathetic snivelling excuses that portrays an image of incompetency amongst your organisation.

Yes, I am a tit.