Monday, August 30, 2004

Still No Demo & Something Else We Have Been Waiting For

Just finished watching Jeepers Creepers 2. Not a bad film, but nothing amazing either. I think I preferred the first one.

There is a Thread over at 3DRelms with a history of Duke Nukem Forever developments. Started in 1997 and now scheduled for a 2005 release. During the DNF development lifecycle the two Mars rovers, Spirit and Opportunity were proposed, authorised, announced, designed, launched and successfully landed upon Mars.

Plus Thief, Thief 2 and Thief 3 where all developed and launched. That's an entire franchise! And the same goes for the entire Grand Theft Auto Series. So it had better be more than just a good game because they have had more than enough time to not only perfect it, but write a few sequels too.