Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Previous Total War Games

I was watching an ING Insider Interview with the creators of Rome: Total War, and it occurred to me that they had made a few precious games based on the historical RTS theme. ARG! I thought, and lept into research mode, to have a look at the previous titles.

I can't remember Medieval: Total War, but I do remember playing the demo for Shogun: Total War. It was a horrible game, and I can even remember why. They was no real tutorial (i.e. guy talks you through a battle telling you how to control your forces) and I played it over and over trying to win the same battle, but never could. You fought with these silly little 2D men (very uninspiring) and I had no idea about the units I was fighting with so I just uninstalled the demo and wrote it off as crap, but my hat goes off to the developer for running with their idea and making a good game. That I will most likely run out an purchase from my local.