Sunday, August 29, 2004

Half Life 2 Gold Tomorrow

I thought this was fairly funny because Gabe Newell (Founder and Managing Director of Valve) was the one responsible for loosing the Half Life 2 sauce code last year by using the company network to check his public email account, with an unpatched version of Outlook (I know major stupid), but a couple of days ago there was a post by Gabe saying that HL2 would go gold Monday (tomorrow). The post was fake and that's because someone guessed his password. And that password was *drum roll* 'gaben'!!!!

As in Gabe (his first name) and N (the first letter of his last name). I am actually surprised that somebody didn't get the password sooner it's THAT dumb. For a secure password you need to use a combination of letters and random numbers for the password to be effective against wordlists and crackers (proper name for people gaining unauthorised access to systems, not the term hackers).

Maybe Gabe is going to make this an annual event because this is two years running, and anyway daddy wants a copy of Team Fortress 2.