Sunday, August 08, 2004

Finished That Stupid Sherlock Demo

A bit ago I mentioned a Demo Of Sherlock Holmes and The Silver Earring. Well I finally finished it, with the help of a Walkthrough and a Solve for the stupid questions you get asked at the end.

Having completed the demo, my opinion of the game had dropped because after completing a case you have to answer related questions by matching supporting evidence, to your answer. This is all ok, but if you get any one answer or piece of evidence wrong, Holmes tells you something is wrong, and you have to do it all again, but what's even worse is that some of the pieces don't match! Like the Colonel Patterson says he knows what type of gun was used because he hared it, and so that's supporting evidence, but the guest list says he has poor hearing and eyesight, so his evidence can't be trusted.

I think the developers should have Holmes mention what answer is wrong, as opposed to just saying it's not correct. At least that way you could find the answer by trial and error.